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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 20, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> andrea: there you go. >> bob: thank you very much. i'll wear it every day. it's also my color. communist and i have the color. my one more thing is there is a new poll out that tells you everything you need to know about the republican party. the majority of the american people believe republican party is radical party. 53%, main stream. it's now crossed the line. we know they are right wingers. >> dana: why do you put in one more thing. ruin the show. >> dana: ruin the show for you. >> andrea: kids, look at the pocket. elf on a shelf. in the studio. >> dana: watch greta tonight. >> andrea: thank you for watching. dana is on greta. see you tomorrow. >> bret: does the house have the vote to avoid fiscal cliff? will it put pressure on the white house? it will be close. either way, major
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implications. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. moments away from a house vote on boehner, way out of the fiscal cliff. it's important not only as a sign of where the negotiations are now but also for boehner personally. we have fox team coverage tonight. chief washington correspondent ed henry will cover the president's strategy. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at the politics of plan "b" from congress' perspective. >> good evening. this is a heavy lift with numerous conservative groups urging republicans to vote against speaker boehner's plan "b." but with the u.s. economy less than two weeks from the fiscal cliff, top republicans say they are trying to avoid a massive tax hike for everybody. >> the house will act today. up to senate democrats in the white house to act.
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>> it would extend tax cut on income below $1 million. to secure republican support, the house is voting on a separate measure to cancel next year's pentagon cuts part of sequestration by slashing domestic programs. that upset house democrats. >> the bills are not a plan. they are a ploy. they are bills to nowhere. in a deeply cynical move, so cynical, the republicans have decided to offer another bill to put off some of the sequester. >> while the process moves forward, boehner hasn't given up hope on a grand bargain with the president. >> the president and i in our respective roles have a responsibility to get work together to get them resolved. it expect it will continue to work together. >> top republican in the senate didn't sound as optimistic. >> the president is determined to leap off the cliff. leap off the cliff. well, we're not going to let him take the middle class with him. >> g.o.p. leadership aides
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note 53 senate democrats voted for a similar plan two years ago to raise texass on millionaires. some republicans suggest the senate should also consider plan "b." forget about it, says the new york senior senator. >> that was two years ago. the republicans should have taken up the offer then. you can't turn the clock back two years. if the republicans want to take the million dollars, they should have taken it back then under entirely different political circumstances. >> the majority leader took it a step further. >> speaker boehner's plans are nonstarters in the senate. >> though the speaker isn't buying it. >> i am not convinced at all that when the bill passes the house today, that it will die in the senate. at some point the senate has to act. >> first the house has to pass the bill. the house leadership says it has the votes but this is a tough one. many members say they were not elected to increase taxes. bret? >> bret: okay, mike. thanks. series of votes, some of them may start in this hour.
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we'll bring it to you live. now to ed henry standing by at the white house. >> today he said he went to plan "b" because he couldn't get republicans to support plan "a." >> the republicans in the house decided to run done an alley that has no exit. >> time for blame game with president obama aides making clear if there is chaos it's because speaker john boehner decided to shut down progress on plan "a." major $4 trillion debt deal in favor of a fall-back strategy. >> plan "b," which is the only thing the house of representatives the republicans in the house are focused on right now is a multi-day exercise in futility. >> futile to leaders in both parties perhaps, though the lack of action could mean real damage to america's armed forces. defense secretary leon panetta today sent a two-page memo to
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the pentagon workforce warning of impending automatic sequester cuts that he says will be significant and harmful. while there may eventually be furloughs, panetta suggested they could stall for time, by moving around funds. in hopes lawmakers can eventually get a deal. writing in the memo, "i do not expect the day-to-day operations to change dramatically on or immediately after january 2, 2013 should sequestration occur." after days of playing defense whether they will take heat on impending spending cuts and tax hikes, the republican leaders are trying to get on offense. making the case if they can pass plan "b" in the house, the senate democrats refuse to take it up, mr. obama's party gets the blame. >> president has a decision to make. he can support these measures, or be responsible for requisite spending and the largest tax hike in american history. >> to this point, most of negotiations consisted of the president meeting one-on-one
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and trading phone calls with boehner. at the news conference yesterday, mr. obama suggested that after tonight's vote, he may try a new strategy. and broaden the group of negotiators. >> i'm going to reach out to all the leaders involved. over the next couple of days and find out what is it that is holding this thing up. >> tonight, the white house officials are charging that the g.o.p. spending cut bill will dismantle social programs like meals on wheels. sign that the negative attacks are cranked up. in both sides are driven further apart. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. ed, thank you. the u.s. economy grew at an annual rate of 3.1% over the summer, revived up from the priest estimate. the stogs up. s&p 500 finished ahead 8. nasdaq ended six ahead. everyone agrees the u.s. government is spending more than it is taking in. and that that is
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unsustainable. the question is does that all lead to greece? part four of our series "the cost of spending" looks at dangerous consequences. interest rates and the role of the federal reserve. >> if a government destroys the value of currency, it will destroy the middle class. >> ron paul railed against the federal reserve and got applaud from growing clouds. >> we don't have the money, run out of borrowing power and guess what they do? they start printing money. >> despite paul and others' criticism the fed acted more aggressively. doubling down on printing more money each month to keep interest rates low for the future. >> it's likely warranted through 2015. >> why are they doing it?
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go back to the national debt clock. remember, we were staring at it it early in series. the debt to gdp or gross domestic product ratio is at 102%. the highest since just after world war ii. that is with extremely and historically low interest rates. even at these rates, that interest will cost the u.s. more and more every year. $222 billion in interest payments on the debt this year. $570 billion by 2022. at current rates. >> this stuff is no joke. we have a big interest to keep the interest payments low. also, incidentally keeping interest payments low so we can, so that other parts of the economy can function or function as women as they can under the vaguely recessionary circumstances. >> because for decades, across
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the country, across the economy, we have essentially put things on a credit card. borrowed to buy. leverageed up. every sector has done it. now that credit market debt by the broadest measure possible is way out of proportion with our economy. >> look at where the country stands. take look at the ratio of the credit market debt to gdp. the gross domestic product. really, the best way to measure the economy overall. over the past seven decades outlined on this chart, that ratio has steadily increased with a high of $370% -- 370% in 2010. downward slightly to 350% in 2012. now as you look at the chart, all the different colors are different sectors of the economy. you can look at the different sectors on the bottom. there is government. then you have gses. those are fannie and freddie. household, corporate, financials. back in the '50s and '60s you can see it was tightly
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compressed, altogether there. wasn't a lot of borrowing. but then the country started getting leverageed. you can see the mountains start to climb. the '80s, '90s, 2,000, accept rition and climb to 2012 at 350%. economists say the country is overleverageed so if the interest rates rise even slightly, all the sectors may have a hard time paying the bills. >> former democratic senator evan bayh. >> servicing the debt is hard now. this is with interest rates at record lows. god forbid something should happen to cause the interest rates to go up a little. back to where they ordinarily would be. burden of the debt will become immensely greater and start taking away forever else. as tough as this is, we haven'tbe seen nothing yet. interest rates eventually go up. >> economists john taylor. >> if the interest rate goes
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from 2% to 4%, doubles. the amount that you have to pay on a given amount of debt. with the debt so high, that is a lot of money. >> economist robert gineski. >> the problems when they come will appear rapidly. once the increase starts, it will be very difficult to contain it. that is why while we have the rates down, while things are undercontrol, this is the time to implement more positive policies. unfortunately, so far i haven't seen any inclination to move in that direction. >> alice ridlin, budget director for president bill clinton. >> our debt is rising in relation to the economy. we owe half of it to other countries. so if our orn creditors not to mention our domestic creditors lose confidence in us, then we are in deep, deep trouble because interest rates could go up rapidly. that will affect everybody. people buy house, people who buy cars.
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businesses who want to invest. borrowing money would get gradually or suddenly very, very expensive. that can destroy american prosperity. a lot at stake here. >> bret: that brings us back to the federal reserve. since 2007 to further reduce long-term rates fed amassed $2 trillion in government debt and mortgage-backed securities. printing money, it's now the third round of what is called quantitative easing. >> quant tatetive easing means they are injecting money to the money supply. they are buying all sorts of security in exchange for adding more of the money supply. under ordinary circumstances that would fuel inflation. right now it's not. we are counting on it never fueling inflation. the truth of the matter is if you look at history, sooner or later inflation will come around. when inflation comes around that hits the american people very hard. it usually comes when you don't expect it. you look back and you say oh,
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we should have changed policy year ago but now it's too late. it hurts seniors on a fixed income. suddenly the savings are not worth as much. young people that try to get a start, they find anything they will have saved for the future will be worth less. it will be ordinary people. working people. poor people that are going to suffer with finally inflation comes around that we are playing with. it's playing with fire. >> it is scary. frankly a lot of people call it depressing. tomorrow in the final part of the five-part series, cost of spending. real world solutions. now as we take a live look at the house floor, we can tell you that the series, the vote series has started. on the plan "b" votes. there will be a number of different votes. some of them are more important than others. but we bring them to you, all of them, as far as the ones that we can explain to you as the logistics of the house go forward.
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coming up, schools closing through the end of world jitters later in grapevine. up next, heated exchanges in the house and senate with the state department officials over benghazi. [ whistle blows ] hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick me, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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al >> bret: fireworks today as both the senate and if house held open hearings on benghazi in the wake of the scathing report that led several at the state department to quit their jobs. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has highlights. >> today, senator pushed secretary clinton deputy on classified cables to warn the threat to benghazi was spiking. >> you were aware of the security risks there. we read the cables. you were fully aware. either you sent people there with security, or you don't send them there. >> they warned clinton's office could not defend against a coordinator attack.
3:18 pm
added that the c.i.a. briefed on location of the ten militia and training camp in benghazi. the cable sent by ambassador stevens in mid-august described as a smoking gun warning because it foreshadowed how four americans including stevens would die on 9/11 as well as the groups responsible. >> to what level did the cables get reviewed? >> they would have been reviewed up through the assistant secretary level and may be that the colleagues on the seventh floor saw them as well. >> that is a clear ferocious m. clinton whose aides say she is not well enough to testify citing a concussion. editorial page made themselves available for public questioning as soon as possible. clinton promised to appear many january. republican put john kerry, the presumptive replacement on notice. >> i'm saying that the culture in the state department is one that needs to be transformed. this committee can help.
3:19 pm
maybe the next secretary of state can help. but the fact is there is work that needs to be done there. >> do you swear or affirm under penalty of perjury -- >> the house committee hearing democrats complain the terrorist attack in benghazi has been hijacked by politics. >> i think mr. romney did it shapefully in the campaign -- shamefully in the campaign. and in times of crisis we need to pull together as americans. >> we have taken the train off the tracks. /would be pleasantly surprised if one of the colleagues had on the agenda today to talk about any one of the 29 points and recommendations that were made. >> fox news learned ambassado ambassadorsteins sent 15 classify -- ambassador stevens sent 15 classified cables to headquarterheadquarters in washn warning that the security conditions were unraveling. al-qaeda training catches were a threat and growing evidence that the brigade protecting
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the consulate had been infiltrated by extremists. >> bret: catherine herridge in the washington bureau. we have known for some time that iran has been sending cargo planes full of supplies to syria to bolster shadegg's regime. now fox learned what iran is getting for the trouble. those planes are flying back loaded with the russian sa-17 grizzly system. antiaircraft system which cowell change the game when it comes to preventing attack against iran's nuclear program. still ahead, a new matt damon movie some call a hit piece on fracking. we'll explain. first, the white house tries to get in front of a possible chuck hagle cabinet nomination. this holiday, share everything.
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>> bret: burial arrangements are made out of state for nancy lanza, whose son shot up the school in connecticut. the connecticut medical examiner would in the say whether the body of the shooter adam lanza remain understand claimed. this is five more funeral and six more wakes were held today for some of the victims of that school massacre. the body of senator daniel inoway is lying in state in the capitol rotunda tonight. former presidential candidate bob dole and his wife former senator elizabeth dole were in attendance today. the latter encouraged to enter politics after recovering from war wounds in 1945. inoway became the first japanese american elected to congress an served in the senate for 50 years. he died monday from regulationpytory complications. just 31 other people have lain in the rotunda in state. the last being president gerald ford nearly six years
3:25 pm
ago. as you saw lastns to ambassn rice's potential bid for secretary of state made her drop out of consideration. now another perspective new cabinet member is going under the microscope. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the reservation some lawmakers have about former republican senator chuck hagel. >> when candidate obama toured the mideast four years ago, then senator chuck hague the nebraska republican was at his side. now trial balloons about hagel being tapped as the next defense secretary are encountering turbulence. republican senator marco rubio of florida let it be known he might block hagel over his support to end trade embargo with cuba. key armed services voice had other reservations. >> i do have serious concerns about his position he stated on israel, some of the statements he made in the past, as well as the positions on iran. >> hague ol posed sanctions on iran, preferring direct talks
3:26 pm
and balked at efforts to have hezbollah that murdered 241 marines in beirut in 1983 designated a terrorist entity. as well, major jewish groups are upset with the comments like these to veteran diploma diplomat. >> a lot of people. the united states senator. united states senator. >> the "washington post" has come out against hagel. hagel utterances cast slur on the jewish americans. duel loyaltyment they don't want to see nominee force to withdraw after happened last week the potential secretary of state nominee ensneered in the benghazi controversy. white house mounted pre-emptive defense and lined up is porters to remind americans of the infantry service in vietnam.
3:27 pm
>> senator hagel has been servant to the country. recipient of two purple hearts. he fought for this country. has served the country admirably in number of capacities. >> he has been over the course of a long career in public service supporter of the state of israel and security requirements. he has spoken out forcefully about this and written about it in the book. >> white house cautioned that no decisions have been made about the top .post. bret? >> bret: thank you. vladimir putin says he knows when the world ends. and there are a lot of predictions about how that might happen. tomorrow. some students, though, are welcoming the fear. grapevine is next.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. some school nid michigan got an early start to winter break and it wasn't for snow days. the reason? the end of the world. seriously. concerns connected to the mayan prediction of the world ending on friday were part of the reason school was canceled in 25 school districts in michigan. local reports say the cancellation notice also cited rumors of violence and the recent school shooting in connecticut, even though they were investigated and determined to be false. the superintendent said administrators were reluctant to cancel school but felt it was the right decision.
3:32 pm
>> nation is a can't wait for saturday, december 22. not because they expect the world will end but so the phone will stop ringing. the "los angeles times" reports nasa is fielding ten times as many calls as usual because people are so concerned over the doomsday prediction. the agency says it decided to do everything in its power to convince everybody that conspiracy theories like rogue planet destroying the earth tomorrow are unfounded. online, panel discussion with scientists have drawn 4 million views. russian president vladimir putin is not worried about the end of days. he says he knows when it will happen, telling reporters it will be in 4-1/2 billion years. when the sun dies. arizona senator john mccain was reassured, saying, "thanks, vlad. i can finally rest easy about tomorrow." finally for those looking to countdown to something else, the new year. good luck charms are in high
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demand. heading to 2013. 1 charms, including four leaf clover and buddhist statue will be used in the times square celebration to help calm any superstitious fears people have about the giant number 13. as we told you before, fracking is a controversial process to extract natural gas. fracking champions say it's perfectly safe. and there is really one of the reason that the country economy is hanging on. but opponents think it carries too much risk. senior national correspondent john roberts takes a fair and balanced look at new movie that might cause real headache for the american natural gas industry. >> i am happy to announce we'll bring natural gas to mckinley. >> it's loosely based around a town in demit, pennsylvania new york 2008 faulty gas well contaminated the local water. matt damon plays a gas industry rep looking to lock
3:34 pm
up leases. he cowrote the script. >> it asks more questions, you know, than it answers. but they are important questions, i think, that we're all, that we need to be asking. >> i'm here because my farm is gone. the land turned brown and died. >> they say the film explores american identity but images like the environmentalist character setting a model farm aflame and a classroom lit up conservative blogs with charges that the fill system a hit piece on fracking. >> there are a lot of claims in the movie that are allowed to be made without reputation leaving i think the viewer with the impression hydraulic fracturing is more dangerous than it is. >> while there have been stepts, spills of fracking fluid and two cases of water well contamination, the try argues overwhelming drills have been drilled safely. even president obama is fully
3:35 pm
on board with. >> this is a tremendous opportunity for our country to use on a conventional oil and gas. but i think the opposition should not be underestimated. i think it's growing. >> the gas industry has already take an big hit from the documentary "gas land." parts of which including this flaming faucet denounced as midleading at best. the industry answered with its own film. "truthland" to debunk flaking. the epa recently certified the water in pennsylvania safe to drink, the industry is preparing for more trouble from the new film. >> i think "promise land" could be a big problem. like impact of the china syndrome had on the power industry many years ago. >> they see potential economic motive behind it. promised land was funded in part by the government of abu dahbi that sits atop the six largest gas in the world.
3:36 pm
they wonder if they benefit from film that raises opposition to increase prod duction in the u.s. bret? >> bret: john, thank you. four people are dead after the midway got hit with the first major snowstorm of the season. the storm threatens to december interrupt some of the nation's - -- disrupt some of the busiest airports ahead of the holiday weekend. they could guarantee white christmas in some places, that, of course is good news. along with several travel headaches, that's the bad news. with one procedural vote out of the way, the house as you look live there is now voting on a bill to replace the sequester. then it's on to the vote for plan "b." we are 12 days away from falling off the fiscal cliff. the latest movement, we will explain the house movement tonight when w the fox all-stars when we come back. (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves.
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plan "b," which is the only thing the house of representatives, the republicans in house are focused on right now is a multi-day exercise in futilit futility. it cannot pass the senate. the president would veto it, if it got to his desk. >> the white house said that if i moved on rates, that they would make substantial concessions on spending cuts and entitlement reforms. i did my part. they have done nothing. >> bret: tonight, the house is voting on so-called plan "b." is speaker boehner's plan. series of votes now live on the house floor. this is a vote basically to change the sequestration. to change the pentagon cuts as part of sequestration by
3:41 pm
slashing domestic programs. that obviously has the house democrats very upset. we are going to get an update on how the votes breakdown. the final vote, which is the important one about the plan to keep tax cuts the same, for everyone except those making $1 million and up, probably will hit sometime late in the 7:00 p.m. eastern how. we'll have results here on fox. sequestration plan just passed 215-209. 2521that was the vote to pass sequestions ration replacement plan. just getting that in my ear as we speak. let's bring in our panel. says time remaining 4:52 but they are on the next conference report. okay. steve hayes, "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with
3:42 pm
the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. it's always a challenge when you have a series of votes interpreting the machinations of the house vote efforts. that one is not going to go far in the senate. to replace dequester where the domestic spending cuts. >> it's not. it's like something that the house passed in may minus provision on flood insurance in the earlier version not in this version. republicans are trying in the early votes to do two things. one, get more time. there is whiffing going on, on a big vote on plan "b." >> bret: explain to people at home what whipping is. >> it's the process whereby the leaders of the majority go around and arm twist and cajole their colleagues to get on board so something like the plan "b" can pass. the difference in the whipping that takes place now versus ten years ago is that there is not a lot for leaders can give. in the old days, it was we'll
3:43 pm
give you a road. post office, we will give you this and this funding, this project you want. one of the reasons that leaders like tom delay were so successful. tonight, what is happening is the leaders on the republican side going to members and saying we got to do this. stick too be a team as we take on white house and avert the fiscal cliff. we need you. take a tough vote. it's a much more difficult argument without something behind it. >> steve says that well, juan, setting up to the big vote, the tax vote. the tax cut vote. the big picture is put onus on the white houses. the republicans would have an escape valve. we passed this. now if you veto this would be holding the old maid card. you know, you are the one that is olding the last card. isn't that it? i'm trying to say it in normal
3:44 pm
terms. >> first we're whipping and now i have the old maid card. >> you have kids. >> bret: a 5-year-old. >> you play this game. i can tell. what is going on here is speaker boehner is trying to get his troops in line. in order to up his negotiating leverage with president obama. that is why they have this plan "b" out there right now. if he can get the troops to say we have a plan "b," here is what is -- we are unified in support of. then he can say to the white house, we have a plan. even say to the senate you guys should consider this. i think the argue in the part is two years ago, something similar was supported by many democrats in the senate. the problem with all of this, of course, is it's two years later. even as you look at it today. there are elements in conservative ranks that are saying we don't think this is a good idea. they don't think it's giving in on margins, that amounts to a tax hike. and the reason that this vote you that you witnessed is
3:45 pm
going on, there are many conservatives who say you know what? i don't understand why we would approve a bill to result in strong cuts under the sequestration to defense spending in the country some they try to address that problem. the whipping that steve was talking about. we'll address this issue separately so you can come along and support speaker bane as he goshates with president obama. >> -- negosh quite with president obama. >> bret: few they agree to the deal they suck up the sequestration cuts any awe. no replacement we heard about of yet. >> that is the problem. big problem for republicans. democrats say it's hypocrisy. you don't have cuts in the plan. i thought this was the republican wanting spending cuts. you a plan with no cuts in it. >> the vote here is establishing an argument. that is all it is about. boehner will say, he said it in the clip you showed.
3:46 pm
yesterday he said i offered a balanced plan. that is a swindle. it's nothing but tax hikes. no only revenue hikes but the increases in rates. the republicans caved. boehner admitted. they have nothing of any importance. any significance on spending. whether discretionary and nothing on entitlement of any importance. so what he is doing passing plan "b," ready to do what the president said he wants to do. i campaign on taxing. raising the rates on millionaires. the president has no arguement to justify a veto or senate rejection of this.
3:47 pm
we will lose either way and now he can resist the swindle. i can't see him accept it if the president will make a move. at least he can say we gave the president what he wanted and what he said he campaigned on. this add one thing. plan "b" does not succeed if he fails in the house. boehner has a plan "c." the mayan apocalypse tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> bret: that is a good dismount. yes or no. plan "b" passes tonight? >> yes. >> not at the moment no. >> i think it does, but it will be, i think it's close. >> bret: next up, both houses of congress on the benghazi report.
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♪ ♪ we read the cables. you were fully aware and either you sent people there with security, or you don't send them there. i don't understand why you didn't send a notification up with the cables coming in, with concerns about security. >> we are constantly evaluating our security posture. we are constantly re-evaluating where we need funds we're constantly evaluating the current situation on the ground in all of our countries. as you know, are well aware we have risks all over the world. we're constantly evaluating, determining at the time. >> bret: two hearings up on capitol hill on benghazi today. some fireworks. as two deputy secretaries, not secretary clinton testified on this unclassified report. 39 pages. pretty scathing overall. but not a ton of specifics. it did lead to four state department personnel,
3:52 pm
officials resigning. backbe with the panel. charles, your thoughts on this testimony today? >> just watching that think of the optics and the political implication. what corker had said should have been addressed. to the secretary of state. it's her department. she said i'm the one who is responsible. i'll take responsibility. and instead, we have two underlings, nobody heard of. i'm not denigrating them as officials. just saying political impact and the optics. the statement had been made to the secretary of state it would have had resonance. the corker statement is true. how can you do this? how can you send somebody to benghazi that you completely misread the situation? and we end up in the first ambassador dead in 30 years. the question is that would
3:53 pm
have been asked of the secretary of state is did you know anything about benghazi? and did you do anything about it? she could plausibly say no, and that is a believer answer. but it would have been important for her to say it. for the in addition to actually hear it. >> bret: i mean we reported many times on this cable classified cable, and emergency meeting in libya, juan. sent up the chain. talk about that today at the hearing. senator rubio asking what levels did the cable get reviewed? they talked about whether it got to the sixth floor or the seventh floor of state department. seventh floor where secretary clinton office is. a little vague to the seventh floor. scot clinton says she will testify and senator kerry says she will testify. what does it mean in january of next year?
3:54 pm
>> she doesn't have the title. not secretary of state. there is no indication from the official report she had knowledge. they don't point to her. the big difference today is what you have is a situation the was at once so politically excitable. today came off as a sober hearing that you have state department saying give us more money. don't cut our budget so we can have better security, more marines, more construction money. but all the suggestion that there was slow response, from washington, or that a lock of interagency response that defense folks didn't help or the people nearby, the c.i.a. folks didn't help, none of that, none of that from the report or the republicans on the hill today. there was some -- >> bret: systemic failure. >> systemic failure inside the state department. >> bret: security.
3:55 pm
>> the report said -- >> bret: four people resigned. >> but because they didn't have a good sense of the fact that in benghazi there were radical elements changing the environment there. they did not respond quickly. ambassador stevens had unusual manage in the the movements around there. they don't know why it was. he asked for support in tripoli but all the things in the course of the campaign melted away. >> not through. the allegation on the lack of the security were demonstrated again and again. this is the only thing that makes the report somewhat worthwhile. otherwise, the report with assigning blame, they did none of it. they seemed in my reading to go out of their way to avoid blaming the seener leadership. systemic failure. but they go an blame, as charles says, unnamed bureaucrats. we still don't know the names
3:56 pm
of some of the people who have taken leigh of their post at this point. they blame nobody. they didn't answer the big question. hillary has not answered big questions. if we look at this episode three distinct part, before, during, after, this dealt with the before and answered some of the questions but didn't tell us much we didn't know. didn't deal much with during. left a number of unanswered questions about the during. didn't do anything about the after. we need the answers from hillary clinton. she has to answer them directly and she has to testify. i don't think she can get out of it though there is some speculation she will try again. she will have to testify and get the answers. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for your end of the world forecast. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> bret: finally tonight, we have reported on the myan calendar and doomsday. we don't believe it at all and cited the


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